Dragoon River Romp

Dragoon River Romp

Help Us Keep the Des Moines River Clean. Join us at Seven Oaks for a day of fun and cleaning of the Des Moines River. Canoes provided. Great volunteer opportunity!

Dragoon River Romp

The Dragoon River Romp is an annual Des Moines River watershed clean-up in Boone County. The goal of the Dragoon River Romp event is to develop and implement a successful river cleanup program with the ability to attract other entities, recruit volunteers, and provide environmental and historical education to participants and the community.

The Dragoon River Romp reinforces each individual’s commitment to protect the environment, raises awareness of proper waste disposal and watershed protection, and provides educational opportunities for participants and the public. Litter prevention is a difficult challenge faced by all of us.

While results in the way of tonnages removed from the river and its banks is tracked and its impact is seen, the true story of our results comes from the participants themselves.

“Apart from enjoying the day on the river, seeing another side of the county, and the camaraderie of the cleanup, I will continue to preach the message.” – a local participant

2017 Dragoon River Romp Info

The Dragoon River Romp will be held September 16, 2017. For more information about the Dragoon River Romp, please visit the Boone County website or contact Lois Powers at (515) 433-0591 or by email.

Stats from Previous Years

‘Removed’, ‘Recycled’ and ‘Landfilled’ amounts are in Tons.

Year Volunteers Removed Recycled Landfilled River Miles
2016 46 .81 ton .15 ton .66 ton 0 miles (flooded)
2015 104 1.36 ton 1.06 ton .3 ton 8 miles
2014 129 1.14 ton .32 ton .82 ton 8 miles
2013 101 2.31 ton .81 ton 1.5 ton 7 miles
2012 136 3.01 ton .82 ton 2.19 ton 8 miles
2011 123 2.61 ton 1.41 ton 1.2 ton 9.5 miles
2010 144 2.62 ton .22 ton 1.8 ton 5 miles
2009 136 4.5 ton 1.71 ton 2.79 ton 7 miles
2008 152 6.1 ton 3.08 ton 3.02 ton 11.3 miles
2007 150 2.5 ton 2.25 ton .25 ton 15 miles
2006 130 3.16 ton 1.88 ton 1.28 ton 13 miles