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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring alcohol?2022-06-13T16:12:26+00:00

Yes, as long as you are 21 yrs old or older and you plan to drink responsibly. No glass containers and no Styrofoam coolers. Please advise: If your plans are to OVER CONSUME alcohol while floating, please choose another outfitter.
Over consuming only adds additional headaches and drama for others floating the river and for the Seven Oaks staff. We understand having a few drinks while floating the river is fun, but please drink responsibly and have a designated driver. Drinking alcohol increases your risks of drowning!

Do we need to make a reservation?2024-03-04T19:54:28+00:00

We DO recommend you make a reservation to go canoeing, kayaking or river tubing. We will book out in advance of most weekends. Click here to claim your spot! Walk-ins are welcome and will be accommodated if equipment is available. Please at least call us before just showing up 515-432-9457 x 300.

Are there places to stop along the way?2024-03-04T20:46:41+00:00

It all depends on river height. Normally, there are plenty of sandbars to stop at.  When the river gauge at Stratford shows a height of 5’-6’ there are a bunch of sandbars to stop at.  At a height of 6’-8’ there are sandbars about every ½ mile to stop at.  At a height of 8’-9’ there will be about 1 sandbar every mile or so. At a height of 9’-10.3’ there will not be any sandbars to stop at.  We do not float above 10.3’ river height.  PLEASE DO NOT LITTER!

Click here for the current river height. Please know that the river height is measured in feet at the location of the river gauge which is approximately 20 river miles to the north of where you will start your float. We normally run about 2’-3’ less than what the gauge shows.

What should I bring?2022-06-11T09:11:59+00:00

Click here for our first timers guide!

What is the river like?2022-06-13T14:35:26+00:00

This 7 mile section of river provides flat water floating…there are no rapids.  On a quiet afternoon you will see animals on the riverbanks, birds flying overhead, wildflowers growing in the wooded bluffs and a bald eagle’s nest just past the Kate Shelly High Bridge.

Please understand that this is not the “lazy river” at the local water park. This is a free-flowing river float with moving water and some inherent risks that can typically be avoided by using common sense. Some of the risks include log jams or fallen trees (strainers)…please stay clear of these obstacles. You will have plenty of time to avoid these obstacles that are down stream of you…please always be aware of your surroundings. Seven Oaks strongly encourages that all floaters know how to swim before taking one of our river floats. WEAR A LIFE JACKET! Actually wearing a life jacket greatly increases your chance of survival if you were to get into trouble. River levels change and conditions change constantly. Exit river during thunderstorms.

Do we have to wear a life jacket?2024-03-04T20:00:02+00:00

We do recommend all floaters wear the provided life jacket or you may bring your own. By the Iowa law, people on a river tube do not have to wear a life jacket but we do recommend wearing one.

River tubers, once you are at the river, please see a Seven Oaks staff member to get your life jacket.

If you have rented a canoe or a kayak: by Iowa law, kids ages 12 and under must wear a lift jacket when in a canoe or kayak.  People ages 13 and older do not have to wear the life jacket but it must be with you in your boat.

Orange around the neck style life jackets are included with your canoe/kayak/tube rental.  You can upgrade to a 2 or 3 buckle vest when you are checking in at the office. Seat cushions can also be rented at the office.  Seat cushions and upgraded life vests can be rented onsite.  Kids under 90 lbs will automatically be given a 2 or 3 buckle life vest. Please Note: we do not have life jackets for children under 30lbs so you will need to bring your own.  We also recommend you know how to swim before being on the water.  Please understand this is not a “lazy river” at the local water park….it is a free-flowing river.

Can we bring dogs?2022-06-11T09:13:22+00:00

Well behaved small dogs on a leash may accompany you on our shuttle bus.  Well behaved small dogs are also welcome to join you in your canoe or kayak but we do not have pet life jackets. Please pick up after your pets.

Do we finish where we start?2022-06-11T09:14:32+00:00

Though there are days the river is lazy this is not the “lazy river” at the local water park. So no, you will finish approximately 7 miles South of where you begin.

Can we bring our own river tubes or canoe/kayak?2024-03-04T20:06:43+00:00

The river and boat ramps are public property, so you can float on your own using the same section of river that we do. TUBES: If you are wanting to utilize the Seven Oaks transportation to and from the river you must rent one of our river tubes. CANOE/KAYAK: We do provide transportation on non-holiday weekdays ONLY if you have your own canoe or kayak. 24hr advanced reservations required, 10am float only. Please call our office for complete details 515-432-9457 x 300.

Can our group float canoes/kayaks and tubes?2022-06-11T09:04:17+00:00

It all depends on the river flow. Tubes, canoes/kayaks can float together when there is sufficient river flow. Keep in mind boats will float faster than tubes so it will be difficult to stay together.  Pulling tubes with a canoe or kayak is not allowed.

If river levels are lower tubes launch from a separate area and your party will NOT be able to float with canoes/kayaks. Call us at 515-432-9457 x 300 for current conditions.

Can I cancel my reservation?2024-03-04T19:57:58+00:00

Yes, you can cancel your reservation in most instances.  Please note that you must let us know you want to cancel your float at least 5 days before your departure date via e-mail. Cancellations made within the 5 days before your departure date will be charged in full and a gift card will be provided for a future float at your convenience. Click here to send us a cancellation notice or to request a reschedule a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

When can we float?2024-03-04T20:07:14+00:00

Seven Oaks offers float trips seven days a week, typically we float from Mid-June to Mid-August. We launch floats two times daily on Sunday through Friday at 10:00 am and 12:00 pm. We launch floats 4 times daily on Saturdays at 9:30 am, 11:00 am, 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm.

What happens if it rains and we don’t want to float?2024-03-04T20:04:13+00:00

We do float rain or shine as long as storms are not predicted for our area.  We often times get calls that it is raining or storming at your house, but it is a beautiful sunny day here at Seven Oaks.  If storms are predicted for our area and we cancel your float, we will not charge you. If you decided to not to show up for your float, we charge the card on file and send you a gift card in the mail. Cancellations to reservations must be made 5 days before the float via email, reschedules should be requested via email at least 24 hours in advance.

What time do we need to be off the river?2023-10-10T17:03:31+00:00
  • Saturdays: all persons and equipment need to be off the river by 6:00 pm.
  • Sunday through Friday: all persons and equipment need to be off the river by 4:00 pm.
Are there restrooms on the route?2022-06-11T09:12:58+00:00

There are no restrooms on the route. There are restrooms at the office, but nothing on your river float.

Do you have a place to store our stuff?2022-06-11T09:12:23+00:00

We only have a place to store your keys.  So, please lock your belongings in your vehicle before you bring your keys to the main office.  Please note that anything you bring on the bus to the drop off point must go on the float with you.  You cannot leave your belongings on the bus.

Can we camp at Seven Oaks?2022-06-22T20:38:14+00:00

Seven Oaks does not currently offer camping facilities. Click here for local campgrounds!

Are there alligators in the river?2022-06-11T09:14:53+00:00

We sure hope not, please call us if you spot any on your trip!

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