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Seven Oaks is the place to ski, snowboard and snow tube in central Iowa! Located in Boone, IA.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you open/close for the season?2019-10-28T20:54:32+00:00

We will begin making snow as soon as Mother Nature allows us to. We need temperatures at 24 degrees or below with low humidity to make good snow. We typically need about 2-4 good nights of snowmaking to get the first couple trails open. Once we get 50% of the ski trails open, we start making snow at our snow tubing park. Our season typically runs from the first of December to mid-March. We have opened as early as November 11th. It’s completely up to Mother Nature.

Do I need a ski/board lift ticket if I am only going to be at the beginner area?2019-10-23T19:45:21+00:00

Yes, a lift ticket is your right to use the snow. It’s your “admission” ticket.

Can I come and just watch while our friends/family is on the slopes?2019-10-23T19:46:44+00:00

The Lodge at Seven Oaks provides a warm and cozy atmosphere with large windows facing the trails. Perfect for watching skiers and snowboarders while you sip hot chocolate. Spectators are welcome to walk around the base of the hill, but we ask that they stay at the bottom and stay out of the way of other skiers, snowboarders, and snow tubers.  Small children can play in the snow at the base of the ski slopes as long as they stay out of the way of skiers, snowboarders and snow tubers.

Can I bring my own tube/sled?2023-08-02T16:14:34+00:00

The Tubing Chutes use a specially designed leash and tow hook to pull the tube and rider up to the top of the hill therefore only Seven Oaks tubes are allowed. Seven Oaks also asks that the tubes only be used when riding the Super Chutes and must remain in that area. Personal sleds are not allowed on our slopes. The price for snowtubing includes the lift ticket and snow tube rental for two hours, unless you purchase a last hour ticket.

What does the equipment rental include? Outerwear?2023-12-12T00:15:28+00:00

Rental equipment includes ski/snowboard boots, skis/snowboard, and poles (poles not recommended for beginner skiers). Helmet rentals are available for an additional cost. Boots only rentals available for snowboard boots- not available for ski boots. Seven Oaks does not rent or sell coats or snow pants. We do sell goggles, stocking hats, neck warmers, gloves, and hand/toe warmers.

Do you have a place for a meeting/private party?2023-10-10T17:11:57+00:00

Seven Oaks does not have a private meeting room available while we are open to the public. We host meetings and gatherings outside of our regular operating hours. Contact our Event Coordinator at [email protected] for more information and inquiries. Pricing for private event space rental, taking place outside of normal winter hours of operation, can be found here. Activity pricing is not included.

What’s included in the kids Birthday Party Package?2023-12-05T03:23:43+00:00

Our indoor space is limited, and parties will be limited to Wednesdays through Sundays only, from 4 pm to 9 pm (blackout dates 12/26 to 01/02) Kids 14 and younger will receive a party that includes pizza and soft drinks and will receive lift tickets, ski or snowboard rentals, and lessons for 3 hours. Snow tubing is not included in this special. A minimum of 7 total children required for this special. With a minimum of 6 paying children the birthday boy or girl is free. Availability is limited per day with advanced notice required. Visit our websites groups/specials page to submit a group request. Birthday treats may be brought onsite but please do not bring outside restaurant food.

Snow Tubing: Snow tubing tickets must be purchased online.  Space is not available for private parties. Visit our websites groups/specials page to submit a group request for a discount code for groups of 12 or more. Birthday treats may be brought onsite but please do not bring outside restaurant food.


What is the biggest/smallest boots you have?2023-12-12T16:04:16+00:00

We have ski boots down to little kid size 8 and all the way up to men’s 15. We have snowboard boots down to little kid size 11 and all the way up to men’s 15.

Do you have any specials or discounts?2019-10-23T19:45:32+00:00

Seven Oaks offers multiple discounts and specials. Visit our Winter Specials/Groups page for complete details

Do you offer ski/board lessons?2022-11-01T17:07:05+00:00

Seven Oaks offers 3 types of lessons. First, a FREE mini lesson; these are a group style lesson offered every 30 minutes to anyone who would like to jump in. They will cover all the basics and get you the information and confidence you need to continue practicing on your own. Second, private lessons; these are a purchased 75-minute lesson that will take skiers or boarders at any ability level and develop their skills as needed. Lastly, Take the Class, Earn a Pass; this 3 week program is designed for those really wanting to become a life-long skier or snowboarder. This meets once a week for 3 consecutive weeks for a 1.5-hour lesson that focuses heavily on the fundamentals. Complete information of lessons can be found here

Should we ski or snowboard?2019-10-23T19:45:42+00:00

Seven Oaks does not recommend skiing over snowboarding. But, keep in mind that generally people learn the sport of skiing faster than snowboarding. It tends to take a little longer to get the feel of the snowboarding movements. Everyone can switch one time to try both skiing and snowboarding.

What is a Season Pass good for?2023-07-13T13:44:01+00:00

Your Unlimited Season Pass will get you a lift ticket during any regularly scheduled operating hours. Your Nights Only Pass will get you a lift ticket after 4 pm. Your Sunday Only Pass will get you a lift ticket on Sundays only. Equipment rental is not included, but Seven Oaks does offer a season long rental option. Visit the Season Pass page for complete information

Food & Beverage2021-09-15T16:10:23+00:00

The Lodge at Seven Oaks offers Mallory’s Café, Bennett’s Coffee Shop, and Coal Creek Lounge. We serve a variety of food, snacks, hot drinks and adult beverages. Seven Oaks does allow “brown bagging” but does NOT allow crockpots/ warmers OR outside restaurant food. Click here for more information and hours.

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