Important ‘Summer Fun’ Information

Summer Activity Waiver

Please advise: If your plans are to OVER CONSUME alcohol while floating, please choose another outfitter.

Over consuming only adds additional headaches and drama for others floating the river and for the Seven Oaks staff. We understand having a few drinks while floating the river is fun, but please drink responsibly and have a designated driver.

Seven Oaks is the place to canoe/kayak, river tube, and paintball in central Iowa! Located in Boone – a quick drive from Ames, Fort Dodge, Des Moines, Johnston, Urbandale, Waukee, West Des Moines, Grimes, Adel, and other surrounding communities.

Guide for Getting Started with Canoe, Kayak, River Tube Floats

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

A river float is a relaxing opportunity to enjoy nature, soak in the sun, play in the cool water and have some fun with family and friends. We have thousands of people that float safely with us every year but you have to understand this is not the lazy river at a water park. This is a free flowing river float with moving water and some inherent risks that can be avoided by using common sense. The number one risk is log jams and fallen trees…please stay clear of these obstacles. You will have plenty of time to avoid these obstacles down stream of you…please be aware of your surroundings at all times. You are responsible for yourself on this trip…please wear your life jackets.

Children are always welcome to join in on the FUN on one of our river floats. Our recommended ages are:

Canoe- 2 yrs and older

Kayak- 8 yrs and older

Tube- 5 years and older

Please note that our kids life jackets fit down to a child 30-50 lbs.

It is recommended that everyone is able to swim before taking one of our river floats.

If this is your first trip with Seven Oaks or you have small children we recommend floating with us when sandbars are present…it is much more beginner friendly. The lower the water…the lower the risks but please understand that there are always risks in floating any river.

Drinking alcohol increases your risks of drowning!

Typical water conditions (every year is a little different)

  • May thru mid-July – moderate water flow without sandbars or very few sandbars.
  • Mid July thru Labor Day- low flow with lots of sandbars to stop at. Ideal conditions for families and first timers.

Please give us a call at 515-432-9457 for current conditions and visit our Facebook page for current pictures.

Reserve Your Spot

We recommend you make a reservation to go canoeing, kayaking or river tubing. Our floats are popular so to avoid a “sorry, we are sold out” when you arrive, call ahead.

Call 515-432-9457 or make your canoe, kayak, or river tube reservation online. Changes or cancellations to reservations must be made 5 days before the float.

Sign Waiver

All participants must sign a Summer Activity Waiver. You may print the agreement to obtain required signatures prior to arrival.

The Day of Your Float

Drinks, ice, snacks, t-shirts, sun screen, can koozies, wet/dry bags & other “oh, I forgot” items are available on site.

We ask that you arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled launch time for canoeing, kayaking or river tubing. Upon arrival we will check you in at the ticket counter and let you know which bus we will be taking to the river. You can load coolers and other supplies onto the bus. We will play a CD in all transportation vehicles with important information such as safety concerns, get-out locations, rules of the river, etc. All floats leave on time.

Once at the river Seven Oaks staff will have the boats ready with life preservers and will review directions/rules about the canoe/kayak/river tube float and the pickup. We will help you into the water.

Things to Bring

  • Something to drink. It is important to stay hydrated. Remember that alcohol will dehydrate you.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Sandals or shoes for walking on the sandbars. Most of the river bottom is sand, but there are some rocks sections where you will want something on your feet.
  • A change of clothes. Canoes and kayaks are fairly stable on the water, but accidents happen and having a change of clothes at the end of the trip makes the drive home more enjoyable.

River Float Policies

  • We charge for all lost or damaged equipment. Damaged equipment caused by abuse or carelessness is your responsibility; we do expect normal wear and tear.
  • Cancellations must be made 5 days before your float or will be charged in full.
  • A retrieval fee of $25.00 per hour will be charged for canoes and kayaks abandoned or lodged.
  • A late fee of $5.00 per person per quarter hour is charged after the designated “off the river” time.
  • Please wear sandals or shoes on your river float. Most of the river bottom is sand, but there are rocky sections where you will need something on your feet.
  • Glass containers and Styrofoam not allowed on river floats. No kegs.
  • Seven Oaks prohibits ropes/twine for tying together canoes, kayaks or river tubes. If you wish to tie together, use pool noodles or other break-away connections only.

Guide for Getting Started with Paintball

Our paintball fields are by appointment only, therefore reservations will be required. You can reserve online or by phone 515-432-9457 ext. 300

All participants must sign a Summer Activity Waiver. You may print the agreement to obtain required signatures prior to arrival.

Our paintball fields are located at the top of the hill. If you take the gravel road (222nd drive) past the main entrance to Seven Oaks and up to the top of the hill there is another entrance. Follow the signs to the fields.

Wear older clothes, the paint washes off, but to be safe wear something that can get dirty. We recommend wearing long sleeves (jeans and a long sleeve shirt) as getting shot does sting a little, but covering your skin will soften that blow.

Bottled Water, Soda, Starbucks Frappuccino’s, Blue Gatorade and Redbull are available for purchase.

Customer Feedback:

“Our first time kayaking…what an awesome day! The river and the weather delivered but what stood out to us most is the Seven Oaks staff! They are ROCKSTARS…friendly, professional, organized. We’ll be back!!”