It all depends on river height. Normally, there are plenty of sandbars to stop at.  When the river gauge at Stratford shows a height of 5’-6’ there are a bunch of sandbars to stop at.  At a height of 6’-8’ there are sandbars about every ½ mile to stop at.  At a height of 8’-9’ there will be about 1 sandbar every mile or so. At a height of 9’-10.3’ there will not be any sandbars to stop at.  We do not float above 10.3’ river height.  PLEASE DO NOT LITTER!

Click here for the current river height. Please know that the river height is measured in feet at the location of the river gauge which is approximately 20 river miles to the north of where you will start your float. We normally run about 2’-3’ less than what the gauge shows.