This 7 mile section of river provides flat water floating…there are no rapids.  On a quiet afternoon you will see animals on the riverbanks, birds flying overhead, wildflowers growing in the wooded bluffs and a bald eagle’s nest just past the Kate Shelly High Bridge.

Please understand that this is not the “lazy river” at the local water park. This is a free-flowing river float with moving water and some inherent risks that can typically be avoided by using common sense. Some of the risks include log jams or fallen trees (strainers)…please stay clear of these obstacles. You will have plenty of time to avoid these obstacles that are down stream of you…please always be aware of your surroundings. Seven Oaks strongly encourages that all floaters know how to swim before taking one of our river floats. WEAR A LIFE JACKET! Actually wearing a life jacket greatly increases your chance of survival if you were to get into trouble. River levels change and conditions change constantly. Exit river during thunderstorms.